Opera’s Start Page loading slowly? Do this to speed it up!

Opera’s Start Page loading slowly? Do this to speed it up!


Like most web browsers, the Opera web browser comes with a default New Tab Page / Start Page that displays a number of elements to users when opened. Opera users find a search bar on the page as well as links to certain websites and services.

Opera browser users may enable or disable elements on the page; they may add news to the page or hide the bookmarks bar that is displayed. The linked websites may also be replaced with other properties.

There may be a visual delay before the page opens in Opera regardless of the method that you use to open it. A tap on Ctrl-T opens a new tab in the browser but it is also possible to click on the plus icon in the browser’s tab bar to do the same.

Opera Software has been working on an improvement that speeds up the loading of the page in the web browser. Recent versions of Opera, including the latest Stable versions, support it already.

The feature, called Shared Start Page, is not enabled by default in the browser at the time of writing. Opera users may enable it in the browser to speed up the loading. The feature is available for all desktop versions of the Opera web browser.

Improves loading time of a new start page by sharing single webcontents. – Mac, Windows, Linux

Note: experimental flags may be removed at any time or integrated natively in the browser.

Here is what you need to do to enable the Shared Start Page feature in the Opera web browser:

  1. Load opera://flags in the browser’s address bar. The page that opens lists all available experiments.
  2. Search for Shared Start Page using the search form at the top.
  3. Set the status of the Shared Start Page experiment to enabled.
  4. Restart the Opera web browser.

When you open a New Tab Page in Opera after the operation you may notice that the page opens much quicker than before. I tested this on Opera Stable running on a Surface Go device and the loading improvement was noticeable. It seems likely that Opera Software will integrate the improvement natively in the browser at one point in time; for now, it is necessary to enable the flag to benefit from it.

Now You: how is the Start Page / New Tab page opening performance of your favorite browser? (via Ask VG)

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